Managing Director @ OpenCredo

A highly regarded technology consultancy helping businesses solve complex technology problems, with a specialism in cloud native architecture and data engineering. Their client base includes enterprise size customers, such as Google, Sainsburys, HMRC, British Airways, The Post Office, Accenture, Tesla automotive, as well as multiple tech startups and open source project collaborations.

The Brief

As a business with large number of exceptionally talented technologists, open source contributors and well-known conference speakers, there's no shortage of talent in their respective fields, but our client needed someone to bring it all together. They wanted someone with a strong technical pedigree that could hold their own in discussions with clients and colleagues alike, but who could also spearhead client engagement, development and prospective client pitches. As well as this, they also required someone with deep experience in running a business, the ability to manage budgets, set strategy and bring together engineering with the sales and marketing teams to ultimately become a more cohesive and successful organisation.


4 candidates presented. All candidates selected for phone screen with Co-Founder. 2 invited to meet the business leaders. Both invited back to meet engineering team, and both followed up with a final meeting. Preferred candidate offered an accepted.

Total time to offer acceptance

8 weeks from initial meeting

Other Case Studies